Functional Programming in the Wild

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Functional Programming in the Wild

Harald Steinlechner1

1 VRVis Research Center, Vienna, Austria  

We provide an overview of the Aardvark Platform team and current interesting projects. The team works in High Performance Rendering, Data Acquisition and Computer Vision areas together with industry partners, aiming to create clean, production-quality software. Functional Programming and Declarative APIs greatly facilitate this process for small and scientific teams. 

Building large, complex, and heavily underspecified research applications with small teams. Aardvark.Media is an ELM-style application declaration library. It provides a declarative API, of which an efficient mutable implementation is compiled in the background. We demonstrate some examples implemented with Aardvark.Rendering and Aardvark.Media, including an efficient Volume Renderer, a large-scale level of detail system used with Point Clouds, and VR apps.

Harald Steinlechner

End of talk: 6/21/2018 3:20:00 PM

Start of talk: 6/21/2018 3:05:00 PM